Books With Tag proportion

1 Aloe Vera: Nature's Intended Miracle Healer
A Remarkable Miracle Plant which has the Ability to heals cuts, burns, and bruises Aloe Vera is a wo-Link
2 The Paris Vendetta: A Novel (Cotton Malone)
Former Justice Department operative Cotton Malone wakes to find an intruder in his Copenhagen booksh-Link
3 Japanese Kimono Designs Coloring Book (Dover Fashion Coloring Book)
Displaying intricate designs that sweep the length of the body, Japanese kimonos are truly wearable-Link
4 1D Consolidation using Large Odometer & Remediation of Side Friction: Clay, 1D consolidation, side friction, co-efficient of consolidation, co-efficient of volume change, compression index
Prediction of consolidation settlement is based on Terzaghi theory & 1D consolidation test. A labora-Link
5 The New Cowboy (Hitting Rocks Cowboys)
Homecoming Cowboy Living on her grandfather's ranch, surrounded by her loving brothers and their fa-Link
6 A.A. in Prison: Inmate to Inmate
This collection of stories, by and about inmates, is now available in digital book form by A.A. Worl-Link
7 Plumbing a House: For Pros by Pros
Master plumber Peter Hemp explains in step-by-step sequence how to create (for both new and remodele-Link
8 The Odyssey of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade: Americans in the Spanish Civil War
For over half a century, the history of the Abraham Lincoln brigade—the 2,800 young Americans who -Link
9 Hardy, Texas Ranger: In the Big Thicket (Mary Hardy Series #4)
In the fourth book in the Mary Hardy Series, Mary learns of Cora Beth McAfee, a psychopathic killer -Link
10 A Civilised Savagery: Britain and the New Slaveries in Africa, 1884-1926 by Kevin Grant (2004-12-16)
N/A -Link
11 Annihilate Him, Volume 2 (The Annihilate Me/Unleash Me series) (Annihilate Me 2)
In the ANNIHILATE HIM series, expect everything you've come to know about the #1 worldwide best-sell-Link
12 Beruseruku (Berserk), Vol. 1
N/A -Link
13 Coming Of Age A Muslim Girls Guide
In this all-encompassing book on menstruation and puberty for young girls and teenagers, the author -Link
14 The Furrowed Earth [FACSIMILE]
HIGH QUALITY FACSIMILE REPRODUCTION: Bone, Stephen: The Furrowed Earth : Facsimile: Originally publi-Link
15 Parallax Inception of Leanna Moonth's Beloved
It is the late 1700s as Leanna Moonth and Deadeye Dick grow up as members of a ragtag gang who love -Link
16 Guns Of The Old West Magazine (Summer 2013 (Combat Handguns Presents #78))
Historic Western Guns -Link
17 A Guitarist's Guide to Chord Construction. Volume 1: Root-Position Voicings
A Guitarist's Guide to Chord Construction. Volume 1: Root-Position Voicings by Dr. Seth Greenberg in-Link
18 The Architecture of Persuasion: How to Write Well-Constructed Sales Letters
From the ancient Egyptians writing on papyrus to Internet advertisers today, writing powerful sales -Link
19 Marijuana Dispensary License Application: It's No Secret
From the producers of the documentaries of a NORML life and Hempsters - Plant The Seed , comes a one-Link
20 The Liturgical Organist, Vol. 3
This is the 3rd in a 4-book collection of preludes, interludes, and postludes compiled and arranged -Link
21 A Dyspeptic's Guide To Contemporary American Politics (In Verse)
Public Radio poet Michael Silverstein's new collection of 101 satirical poems skewers both parties a-Link
22 coach shane's english expressions part 1: english idioms and phrasal verb by mr muhammad nabeel (2016-01-19)
N/A -Link
23 Scoop the Poop
Every story is adventurous and funny. This book is so much more than about poop, it's also about peo-Link
24 An Arraignment of President Mckinley's Policy
This is an EXACT reproduction of a book published before 1923. This IS NOT an OCR'd book with strang-Link
25 Tea Cleanse: Best Detox Teas for Weight Loss, Better Immunity and Beautiful Skin
Tea Cleanse for Weight Loss Tea is the second most often consumed beverage in the world, after water-Link